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Lucky and Sephora Partner to Connect Beauty Brands to Store Inventory and Fulfillment Options

May 01, 2023

Lucky and Sephora Partner to Connect Beauty Brands to Store Inventory and Fulfillment Options

Lucky is excited to announce a partnership with the leading prestige beauty omni-retailer, Sephora, to connect Sephora’s store inventory to any brand’s DTC website, allowing customers to easily find, purchase, and receive their desired products same-day.

Now when customers shop online on their favorite beauty brand’s websites they are able to see nearby Sephora stores with the product availability in real time. They can then purchase from Sephora for same-day delivery or in-store pickup, giving customers the fastest way to get the products they need from their desired local stores. This partnership will make thousands of products accessible to more U.S. customers by offering them the option to pick up their online orders at a nearby retail location or have it delivered to their home.

The collaboration between the two companies emphasizes their dedication to meeting the needs of their customers while providing an omnichannel experience that simplifies and makes everyday beauty essentials quickly accessible to a larger audience.

“Partnering with Sephora shows how retailers and brands are moving toward a more collaborative future by working together. Brands are having a tough time scaling through just e-commerce – today, you have to be retail-first because that’s where the customers and growth are. Being able to leverage your retail partners as distribution points opens the door to better customer experiences,” Sneh Parmar, CEO, and Co-Founder of Lucky, notes,“Beauty shoppers specifically are very loyal to retailers like Sephora, so this is a win-win-win situation for the retailer, brand, and customer."

Sephora provides beauty enthusiasts with an extensive selection of products as well as unbiased advice from experts, making it one of the most beloved beauty hubs out there. With innovation at its core, Sephora is dedicated to aiding customers in discovering the world of beauty.

“At Sephora, our goal is to make prestige beauty accessible for all. Our brands are what excite and attract clients to shop with us, so we’re continuously exploring new avenues to grow our offerings,” said Nadine Graham, Senior Vice President, General Manager of eCommerce, Sephora. “We’re excited to partner with Lucky to expand our Same-Day Delivery and Buy Online Pick Up In Store options, and to provide more value and meet our clients’ needs, no matter how they choose to shop our most beloved brands.”

By partnering with Lucky to open up Sephora’s in-store pickup and same-day delivery services to all their brand partners, customers will have a better, faster, and more sustainable option to buy while shopping online.

The partnership between Lucky and Sephora is a significant step towards a more collaborative future for retailers and brands. By connecting Sephora's store inventory data to any brand's DTC website, customers will have the option to easily find, purchase and receive their desired products same-day. Lucky is actively working today with Sephora brand partners, such as dae, Crown Affair, and Saint Jane Beauty. Get in touch today for a demo and to learn more about connecting Sephora retail inventory to your DTC website!

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About Lucky

Lucky’s belief is that it should be easier for people to experience the brands they love. We think the massive gap between online and offline experiences is a relic of an obsolete era, and brands who bridge that gulf will build better, more meaningful relationships with their customers. And for those customers, it means our shopping experiences will finally catch up to the hybrid lives we’ve all started living.

Our vision is to connect commerce across all channels to provide products and services that ultimately benefit the end customer. As a company, improving how people shop is our top priority. Shopping and commerce have been a constant in humanity, but the methods in which this occurs have undergone an evolution that requires refinement and unification. While these continue to evolve, we hope to build the bridges between where and when someone wants a product, ultimately integrating into an ecosystem where experiences are heightened exponentially.

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About Sephora

Since its debut in North America more than 20 years ago, Sephora has been a leader in prestige omni-retail with the mission of creating an inviting beauty shopping experience and inspiring fearlessness in our community. With the goal of delivering unbiased shopping support and a personalized experience, Sephora invites clients to discover thousands of products from more than 360 carefully curated brands, explore online and through our mobile app, enjoy services at the Beauty Studio and engage with expertly trained Beauty Advisors in more than 600 stores across the Americas. And with its new long-term retail strategic partnership, clients can now shop Sephora at Kohl’s, a fully immersive, premium beauty destination, with 600 locations nationwide and 850 locations by 2023. Clients can access the free-to-join Beauty Insider program and digital community, which together enhance the experience of Sephora’s passionate clients.  

Sephora has been an industry-leading champion of diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment, guided by our longstanding company values. In 2019, Sephora announced a new tagline and manifesto, “We Belong to Something Beautiful,” to reinforce its dedication to fostering belonging amongst all clients and employees and to publicly strive for a more inclusive vision for retail in the Americas. Sephora continues to give back to our communities and advance inclusion in our industry through its social impact and equity programming, called the Sephora D&I Heart Journey.

For more information, visit: https://www.sephora.com/about-us and @Sephora on social media. For media inquiries, previous press releases, view media kit, and more, please visit our Sephora newsroom or email ExternalComms@Sephora.com.

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