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Crown Affair's Sephora Success Story: Leveraging Lucky's Platform to Boost Sales by Thousands

April 12, 2023

Crown Affair's Sephora Success Story: Leveraging Lucky's Platform to Boost Sales by Thousands


  • Lucky Engagement: 9.9% of ALL customers selected “Get It Today” action
  • Lucky Searches: 6% of ALL customers searched zip codes on Lucky
  • Lucky Conversion: 1% of ALL customers, or 16% of the customers that searched, converted to Sephora’s website to purchase.
  • Lucky Sales: Crown Affair generates thousands of monthly sales to Sephora, driven and tracked by Lucky


Crown Affair is a rapidly growing beauty and cosmetic brand that has partnered with Sephora, and more recently, Lucky. The partnership with Lucky has allowed Crown Affair to reach a wider customer base and gain invaluable insights into customer preferences and behavior. By using Lucky, Crown Affair has been able to identify gaps in the market, understand consumer needs, demographics, and locations, as well as make strategic decisions on product promotion and expansion. Our own Co-Founder and CEO, Sneh Parmar, sat down with Crown Affair Digital Marketing Manager, Hannah Fernando, to discuss Lucky's impact on Crown Affair's business.

The Opportunity

From DTC to Sephora: Crown Affair Navigates New Marketing Terrain

One of the key challenges faced by Crown Affair in its’ partnership with Sephora was the lack of experience and understanding of the Sephora landscape. The team had to quickly adapt to the new environment, learn the ropes, and identify the best strategies to make their products stand out among the vast array of offerings available at Sephora. Despite being relatively new, Crown Affair managed to secure end caps in over 50 stores, a rare accomplishment for a brand of its age.

Another challenge was reconciling the differences in marketing approaches between the direct-to-consumer (DTC) channel and Sephora. The team had to find ways to communicate the essence of their brand and product offerings in a simplified manner, ensuring that customers could grasp the value of their products and make informed decisions.

"How are you going to simplify your marketing to where what is a whole paragraph on our website has to be one sentence on an end cap in the store? And how are you going to get people to grasp the essence of who you are and why they should choose a $50 oil, over $20 oil that's right next to it?" - Hannah Fernando, Crown Affair

Moreover, the brand faced the task of identifying a hero product that could best represent its offerings in Sephora stores. This process involved collecting and analyzing data, as well as coordinating marketing efforts to push the chosen product to the forefront and gain more traction among Sephora customers.

"So our big project this year working with Sephora was identifying which hero product that is going to be, and how we're really going to push that one." - Hannah Fernando, Crown Affair

Furthermore, the brand needed hard data to inform its decision-making processes and guide its expansion strategy. Gaining insights into customer preferences, geographic trends, and product performance in various channels was crucial for the brand to make informed decisions and target areas with higher demand.

Finally, the brand had to navigate the challenges of maintaining a strong partnership with Sephora. This challenge required trusting Sephora's advice, being open to collaboration, and adapting their strategies to align with the retailer's goals and ecosystem. Fostering this partnership was essential for the brand's long-term success within Sephora stores.

The Solution

Crown Affair Leverages Lucky's Platform to Enhance Customer Journey

Crown Affair partnered with Lucky to gain valuable customer insights and identify areas for growth. Using Lucky, they were able to track customer engagement, searches, and conversion rates. The team also launched a store locator with integrated inventory data, allowing customers to easily find the products they were looking for in Sephora stores.

"We already have a store locator on our site, so why would we not just take the extra step and add a layer and show them exactly what's in stock?" - Hannah Fernando, Crown Affair

The Results

Increased Customer Engagement

The integration of Lucky on Crown Affair's website significantly increased customer engagement. With a 9.9% engagement rate, customers were actively clicking on the Lucky platform, showing interest in finding Crown Affair products within Sephora stores.

Additionally, a 6% engagement rate from customers searching for zip codes on Lucky highlighted the success of the platform in directing users toward their desired products. This increase in customer engagement shows how Lucky effectively captured the attention of potential buyers and drove them to explore Crown Affair's offerings in Sephora stores.

Improved Conversion Rates

By leveraging Lucky's platform, Crown Affair was able to improve conversion rates and drive sales. A 1% conversion rate for all customers, or 16% of the customers that searched on Lucky's platform, resulted in traffic and purchases via Sephora. This improvement demonstrates that Lucky not only engaged customers but also facilitated their journey from browsing to purchasing, resulting in tangible benefits for both Crown Affair and Sephora. This conversion ultimately generated thousands of monthly sales between Crown Affair and Sephora via Lucky.

Identified Growth Opportunities

The data provided by Lucky enabled Crown Affair to identify untapped market opportunities, such as the high demand for their products in Texas. By understanding the specific regional preferences and demands, Crown Affair could tailor their marketing and expansion strategies to better serve these areas. This targeted approach allowed the brand to capitalize on new growth opportunities and expand its presence in Sephora stores across the country.

Optimized Marketing Strategies

Through the analysis of top-performing products in both DTC and Sephora channels, Crown Affair was able to refine and optimize its marketing strategies. By identifying which products resonated most with customers, they could focus their marketing efforts on these items, leading to increased sales performance across all channels. This data-driven approach ensured that Crown Affair's marketing strategies were efficient and effective, contributing to the overall success of the brand.

Strengthened Partnership with Sephora

The collaboration with Lucky played a pivotal role in strengthening Crown Affair's partnership with Sephora. By aligning its goals and objectives with those of Sephora, Crown Affair demonstrated its commitment to driving growth for the retailer. Crown Affair was also able to identify its Leave-In Conditioner as its hero product.

‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎

"It's cool to see in the Lucky dashboard that's typically in our top two or three. And over the past month, we've been seeing that ramp up with who? People picking it up in stores." - Hannah Fernando, Crown Affair

This alignment not only led to an expansion of Crown Affair's presence in Sephora stores but also contributed to Sephora's overall goals, such as increasing in-store pickups and deliveries. The partnership between Crown Affair and Sephora ultimately benefited both parties and laid the foundation for continued success in the future.

"And they [Sephora] see the data, too. They are now looking at it saying 'Oh, wow. This brand is driving us x amount of customers, x amount of revenue, x amount of foot traffic', which is what they care about. That's so valuable for them." - Sneh Parmar, Lucky

Looking Ahead

The partnership between Crown Affair and Lucky has been highly beneficial for both parties. Crown Affair gained valuable insights into their customers' preferences and behavior, allowing them to optimize their marketing strategies and drive growth in Sephora stores. Moreover, Lucky's data-driven approach helped Crown Affair identify key areas for expansion and strengthen its partnership with Sephora. As a result, Crown Affair continues to grow and flourish within the competitive beauty and cosmetics landscape.

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