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How Lucky Enables Quicker Fulfillment for Today's High-Expectation Consumer

November 30, 2023

How Lucky Enables Quicker Fulfillment for Today's High-Expectation Consumer

Today's consumers are more impatient than ever when it comes to fulfillment. They want to research products online, but also expect near-instant gratification when it comes to receiving purchases. Many shoppers expect same-day or next-day delivery as standard, and are unlikely to return to retailers that fail to meet their fulfillment speed expectations.

This presents a major challenge for retailers and brands seeking to adapt to these demands. While ecommerce capabilities have accelerated, linking digital shopping experiences to tangible in-store pickup or delivery remains a struggle.

Lucky provides the missing link between online product research and offline purchasing by integrating real-time localized inventory across brands' ecommerce stores and brick-and-mortar retail partners. By giving consumers accurate visibility into what products are available at nearby stores for same-day pickup or delivery, Lucky enables direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands to meet their customers' expectations for quick and convenient fulfillment.

"In the digital era, customers crave immediacy and accuracy when shopping. The bridge between online browsing and in-store purchasing has often been disjointed, leading to missed sales opportunities and customer dissatisfaction. Lucky's platform is designed to seamlessly connect online shoppers with local in-store inventory, ensuring they can swiftly and conveniently find and purchase the products they desire. By providing real-time, local inventory data, Lucky enhances the customer shopping experience, leading to increased satisfaction and quicker product acquisition."
- Sneh Parmar, Lucky CEO and Co-Founder

With Lucky, brands can bridge the gap between digital and physical shopping to increase satisfaction, build loyalty, and keep up with the demands of today's impatient consumer. The platform empowers retailers to turn online product searches into near-instant gratification.

This article dives into how brands can navigate the increasing demands of consumers by using Lucky. 

The Why: Understanding the Need for Speed in Retail

The old adage “time is money” has never been more relevant. Today’s consumers are not just looking for products; they are seeking experiences that are quick, convenient, and efficient. This growing emphasis on immediacy is reshaping the retail industry, compelling businesses to innovate and adapt swiftly.

Online shopping has set a high standard for speed and convenience, leading to heightened expectations even when it comes to in-store experiences. The ability to quickly find and purchase products has become a key component of customer satisfaction. Retailers who can meet these expectations are more likely to win customer loyalty and repeat business.

Several studies and surveys have underscored the importance of speed in the retail experience:

Online to Offline Efficiency

Research indicates that a majority of consumers engage in online research before making in-store purchases. In this context, the speed with which they can transition from online browsing to offline buying is critical.

Local Inventory Searches

The rising trend of "near me" searches among smartphone users, with 82% engaging in such local searches, highlights a shift towards a preference for local shopping. This behavior poses a challenge for brands, as customers leaving their websites for search engines to find local product availability risk being diverted to competitors or third-party retailers. This shift can erode brand loyalty, diminish conversion rates, and potentially result in lost sales.

Importance of Real-Time Inventory Information

Approximately 80% of shoppers expressed that they are less likely to visit a store if they cannot view item availability online beforehand. This statistic highlights the necessity for retailers to provide up-to-date inventory information to attract in-store visits.

Same-Day Delivery Preference

A growing number of consumers prefer same-day delivery options, with a significant portion willing to pay extra for this convenience. This trend points to the increasing value placed on immediate fulfillment.

These statistics paint a clear picture: speed and accuracy are not just desirable attributes in the retail experience; they are essential. Retailers who can effectively integrate these elements into their customer journey are better positioned to thrive in the competitive digital marketplace.

The Solution: How Lucky Enables Quicker Fulfillment

Real-time Localized Inventory Visibility

One of the most powerful features of Lucky is giving consumers real-time visibility into localized in-store inventory. Instead of guessing what products are available, customers can check up-to-date inventory levels at nearby stores before making the trip. This prevents wasted trips and frustrations from sold-out items.

Facilitates Same-Day Pickup or Delivery

By integrating with retail partners' inventory systems, Lucky enables brands to offer customers timely same-day pickup or delivery options. If a product is in-stock at a local store, customers can acquire it right away instead of waiting days or weeks for shipping.

Drives In-Store Traffic and Conversions

When online customers see that a product is available for pickup or delivery from a nearby store, Lucky provides directions and details to seamlessly facilitate the in-store purchase. This bridges the gap between digital and physical retail, driving more conversions.

Provides Actionable Metrics and Insights

Lucky's advanced attribution capabilities are a cornerstone for brands aiming to decode the intricate relationship between marketing efforts and retail conversions. The platform's dashboards provide in-depth insights into critical metrics such as high-demand locations, conversion rates from online searches to in-store purchases, and current inventory levels. 

This comprehensive view allows brands to trace the footsteps of their customers' journeys, connecting the dots from marketing exposure to final purchase decisions in physical retail environments. By harnessing this data, brands can effectively attribute retail conversions directly to specific marketing activities, unraveling the often complex path that leads customers from digital engagement to making a purchase in-store.

This capability of attributing retail conversions to specific marketing campaigns is vital for developing a nuanced understanding of customer behavior. It empowers brands to identify which marketing strategies are most effective at driving customers not only to engage online but also to complete transactions in retail stores. This understanding is crucial in today's omnichannel retail landscape, where the lines between online and offline shopping experiences are increasingly blurred.

By connecting ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retail, Lucky gives consumers the convenience, speed, and flexibility they expect. The platform combines the strengths of both channels for a cohesive localized shopping experience that leads to quicker fulfillment and happier customers.

Lucky In Action - Brand Case Study

Beauty brand Crown Affair saw the need to adapt to customers' expectations for quick, convenient fulfillment options. By integrating Lucky's real-time localized inventory visibility and in-store pickup capabilities, Crown Affair enabled same-day fulfillment through their retail partner Sephora.

After implementing Lucky, Crown Affair saw a:

  • 9.9% engagement rate from customers searching local inventory on their website, indicating strong interest in in-store pickup
  • 1% conversion rate from site traffic to sales at Sephora stores
  • 16% conversion rate from customers who searched local inventory to making a purchase in-store

The results show the power of connecting Crown Affair's online presence with Sephora's brick-and-mortar locations to fulfill orders faster. Instead of waiting days or weeks for shipping, customers can acquire products same-day by picking up at a nearby Sephora store.

This capability has been crucial for Crown Affair to keep up with customer expectations. Lucky's platform drove conversions for both the brand and Sephora, their retail partner, showcasing the sales growth potential of merging digital with real-world retail shopping.

Transitioning to true omnichannel retail is a must for forward-thinking brands in today’s landscape. Lucky provides the platform to seamlessly connect online and offline, leading to big wins for brands, retailers, and customers alike.

Learn more about how Lucky can enable same-day fulfillment for your brand and request a demo today.

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