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How to Re-Engage Your Customers During & After COVID-19

How to Re-Engage Your Customers During & After COVID-19

Let's start off by saying that no matter the marketing strategy that you use, the best way to engage with consumers to create a lasting relationship is being completely open in this time of uncertainty and empowering your customers to help others through their decisions. Messaging that focuses on the human element are going to be the most effective. Here's a little more about empowering your customers before we get into the 3 best ways to engage with you customers:

Empower Your Customers

During this time, it's more important than ever to be helpful and encouraging to your customers. Let your customers know that you're there for them, and that you care about how they are feeling.

The best brands that understand their customers want to enable them to give back. Many brands have set up donations to first responders and businesses that need it the most from a percentage of every sale to shifting their entire manufacturing process to create goods that people need to stay healthy.

This type of genuine concern and openness to feedback is going to be worth more in the long run than any short term sale to increase your bottom line.

Here's 3 Ways to Interact with Customers Right Now:

  1. Social Media Is Through The Roof

People are spending more time than ever on social media since they are stuck inside. In fact, according to most reports social media usage across all the major apps has increased by 40% since March.

Plus, the cost to run digital marketing campaigns has actually decreased because less brands are spending as carelessly as they used to. Everyone is focusing on making each dollar count, and as a result it has opened the doors for new brand to step in and engage with more users.

This provides a unique opportunity to double-down on your social strategy. Although, people are spending less this window provides an opportunity for brands to build a loyal following and spread brand awareness that wasn't possible before.

However, making sure your content and messaging is rooted in a socially empowering position will be key in terms of how people will perceive your brand during and after the quarantine.

2.  User Generated Content Is More Important Than Ever

There's no question that "word of mouth" sales is the greatest sales accomplishment for a brand. I mean, if you're able to get one of your customers to love your product so much that they talk about it to their friends or post about it online then you have something.

Especially in a time when people are not buying as many non-essentials as they did previously, the most incentivizing marketing tactic is to get someone they trust to push them to purchase something. E-commerce has seen a huge increase over the last decade, but the increase that's happened in the last few months is unprecedented.

As a brand you need to engage with your influencers or most reliable customers and make them feel special.

3.  Listening Is Going to Differentiate You From Your Competitors

Staying in touch with your customers has always been a priority for successful brands, but in these times it's more important than ever to listen to how your customers feel about your brand.

With everything going on, understanding your customers new purchasing behaviors and personalizing the brand experience for each customer should be of upmost importance.

People want to feel special, and if you're able to gather insights from your customers and provide them with an experience curated for them then they'll be 8x more likely to purchase a product and share their experience with others. It's no longer a question of "should I" personalize the experiences for my customers but "when".

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