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How to Integrate the Digital and Physical Customer Experience

How to Integrate the Digital and Physical Customer Experience

COVID forced businesses to rapidly pivot the physical and digital store models that had worked for years. Successful businesses were able to curate strong online shopping experiences that met demand while connecting with their customers in new ways. As stores begin to reopen, strong retailers are working to create spaces that feel safe yet still offer a unique and frictionless shopping experience.

Here’s ways that retailers can win by integrating the digital and physical experience:

1. Seamless experience across channels

In a time where customers are less brand loyal than ever, offering a frictionless shopping experience across channels is critical. Easy to use home delivery and buy online pickup in-store options have been a big sales driver for retailers offering an alternative for customers who might not yet be comfortable to enter stores. Universal branding can also help drive purchases as the customer shops across platforms.

2. Building a human connection into the digital experience

A challenge with digital shopping has been the lack of human connection that drives traffic to stores. People want to feel engaged on an individual level as they do in stores. Personalized shopping suggestions, one on one conversations online and via text, AI integration, and shopping via live video are ways to create this human connection and drive online traffic and sales.

3. Using data to understand customers

Data collection through digital solutions can be a powerful tool in creating a strong digital and physical experience and increasing customer retention. Tracking and understanding the customer buying process can inform smarter marketing and product decisions. Customers are much more likely to stick with brands that offer them a personalized experience. Our software, Lucky Moments, allows you to connect digital and physical commerce and drive sales by offering customers personalized rewards. The data collected can then be used to retarget and segment customers.

COVID has shown retailers that building a strong omni-channel strategy is essential to build brand loyalty and drive traffic. A data driven customer strategy, building a digital human connection, and offering a frictionless experience across channels will be critical to future success.

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