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How Ostrich Pillow Reduced Stock-Outs and Improved Retail Sales using Lucky’s Inventory Data

March 06, 2024

How Ostrich Pillow Reduced Stock-Outs and Improved Retail Sales using Lucky’s Inventory Data


Ostrich Pillow is a premium sleep brand headquartered in New Zealand with distribution across the US across retailers. They came to Lucky to help understand inventory visibility and capture retail analytics to improve their retail sales.


As Ostrich Pillow is scaling digitally and in-store across major retailers they needed a solution that could give them visibility into retail inventory and predict out-of-stocks before they happened. 

They typically receive purchase orders (POs) from major retailers that are late, which means by the time they were notified of the PO to get more inventory they were out-of-stock at stores for 2-6 weeks. This loss of time on shelf and revenue is devastating to brands.

With Lucky, they were able to not only visualize existing inventory on shelf but also predict out-of-stock at a store level in order to make their PO process proactive vs reactive.

“As we get POs from retailers like Nordstrom, we have goals with our retailers on certain sales targets otherwise we have to take products back. This is a challenge because after we send the products from our facility, we don’t know when they arrive in-store or which stores have what level of stock.”


After getting access to their Lucky Inventory Intelligence Dashboard, the Ostrich Pillow team immediately were able to see the benefits. What used to be a long process – requiring manual effort to understand outdated retail inventory reports from weeks ago – they were now able to track in realtime. Between current inventory levels, stock-out prediction, and how they should prioritize marketing in certain regions, the value of Inventory Intelligence has helped Ostrich Pillow tremendously in their retail growth efforts.

The top benefits Ostrich Pillow saw were: 

  • Visibility in Nordstrom inventory in real-time
  • Understand which SKUs are selling out faster and in what regions, allowing for optimization of marketing spend
  • Proactively work with Nordstrom to restock popular stores before going out-of-stock 


  • Reducing out-of-stock from multiple weeks to nearly 0.
  • Marketing decisions become much clearer through a true omnichannel understanding of inventory and sales
  • Visibility into Nordstrom performance in real-time, not just from periodic reporting

“With Lucky’s Inventory Intelligence we can easily see which stores have our products and stock level in realtime. This data has been extremely helpful to us because even retailers don’t have the time or resources to offer this information.”
– Emily Payamps (Wholesale Partnerships Manager)

To learn more about Lucky Inventory Intelligence, check out the product (https://luckylabs.io/intelligence) and contact Lucky for a live demo today: https://luckylabs.io/contact-request

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